Accumulation of waste  in urban areas is a large environmental issue and creates socioeconomic, health and pollution problems. A majority of the waste in Uganda is uncollected or dumped in unauthorized sites.

Waste management is important, and the organic fraction of domestic waste may actually provide an opportunity to improve livelihoods and incomes. By using methods in bacteria, nutrition recycling and bio-energy generation organic waste can be turned into biogas, animal feed and soil replenishment.

Supported by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida) the first Centre of Excellence in Waste Management in Uganda have been established. The Centre is engaging with local farming groups, focusing on women and youth, in order to teach them how to work with soil, feed and biogas.

Read more about SIDA’s waste management research for a green future in Uganda here.

Photo credit: CIAT International Center for Tropical Agriculture via / CC BY-SA