ENUGU STATE INDUSTRIAL WASTEWATER MANDATE is a 1 year Strategic Civil Society Dialogue on Industrial Wastewater that seeks to build a statewide movement involving committed companies of both leaders and learners. The initiative requires the endorsement of a company’s Chief Executive Officer, or equivalent that join the ENUGU STATE INDUSTRIAL WASTEWATER MANDATE to commit to pursuing Best Practices in Industrial Wastewater Management. The Mandate will challenge a critical mass of companies from around Enugu State-Nigeria to undertake serious efforts, in partnership with other National stakeholders, to address the Industrial Wastewater challenge. Whenever possible, this initiative will coordinate efforts and work with existing wastewater programs – both global and local – in order to maximize impact.WORLD WATER SAFETY PROJECT–NIGERIA promoters of the ENUGU STATE INDUSTRIAL WASTEWATER MANDATE is ever ready to continue to share knowledge on Wastewater Stewardship and Implement best practices in the treatment of Industrial Wastewater.

Five Years ago DR. SAMUEL VICTOR-EKOM, a Clinician Par Excellence and Principal Anchor of the ENUGU STATE INDUSTRIAL WASTEWATER MANDATE said “What you call waste today, is Wealth in Disguise for the Man who can See”. Today that statement has come true in Kalundborg, Denmark, where the Industrial Wastewater of one enterprise are used as a resource by other enterprises, in a closed cycle. The Asnæs Power Station receives 700,000 m3 of cooling water from Statoil each year, which it treats and then uses as boiler feed water. It also uses about 200,000 m3 of Statoil’s treated wastewater for cleaning each year. The savings to local water resources are considerable: nearly 3,000,000 m3 of groundwater and 1,000,000 m3 of surface water per year.

Date(s) - 08/04/2017 - 08/04/2018
8 h 00 min - 17 h 00 min


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