Every Child Deserves Clean Water

Every child deserves clean water!
Clean Water Foundation and LAM Water Solutions out of Seattle is celebrating World Water day with the announcement of the delivery and successful implementation of water purification units: 58 water units was delivered in addition to 14 units delivered last year to Swaziland with support from Mango Foundation out of Hawaii; 3 units to Moldova and 1 unit to Ukraine with support of Peace Corps; 2 units to Cambodia; 1 unit to New Guinea with support from Dress Girls Around the World Hawaii and the University of Nations; 1 unit to Guinea with support from VP Kissidugu Foundation and 1 unit to Venezuela with support from Madre Maria Luisa Casar Foundation for school to provide clean water to the children.
Clean Water Foundation would like to thank all organizations and individual donors for support and involvement! Thank you for joining our mission to provide safe clean water to children around the world!
For 2017 Clean Water Foundation, have great projects to be accomplished and is looking for support from organizations and individuals. All projects for 2017 are based on success of accomplished pilot projects: Swaziland, Moldova, Ukraine, Venezuela and several pilot projects.
Around 900,000 children will have safe clean water! Please join us! 100% of donation go to the projects.
Clean Water Foundation have established partnership with several organizations. One of them is Peace Corps. CWF appreciate support and introduction to new places that can be a perfect fit for CWF missions and places in need for clean safe water. Projects for 2017 with the Peace Corp support are Moldova and the Ukraine. Our plan is to put 500 units in each country. Project cost is $300,000
Another partnership is with the Mango Foundation. Our plan is 500 units for Swaziland. The project cost is $ 150,000
Partnership with the University of the Nations FEWS (Food, Energy, Water and Shelter) will bring much more pilot projects around the world spreading awareness about water and sanitation issues. Our plan is 150 units. The pilot projects cost $45,500.
If you would like to donate please visit our website

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